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double chin exerciserThe problem.
Since I've passed age Medicare eligibility, I avoid mirrors wherever possible. I don't wear much make-up anymore. I hate the paste of foundation and powder that collects inside little lines that run from the sides of how to remove double chin my nose on the corners of my mouth. But when I do placed on a little bit of blush or lipstick, or when I style my hair, I pinpoint the area I'm working on and try to avoid exploring the rest. But occasionally a mirror ambushes me, and I catch an entire view of the laugh lines that have morphed into real crows' feet and the sagging jowls that make me look similar to Winston Churchill. Actually I look more like someone closer to home - my mother. When I catch surprise glimpse of myself, I sometimes think I'm investigating a portrait of her instead of an image of myself.
As if age and gravity weren't enough, there is now a new component that may add for the loose, saggy skin between my chin and collarbones. It's called "smartphone face."
The definition.
Paul McFedries of Word Spy defines the newest phenomenon using this method:
Smartphone Face: n. A drooping jaw-line and saggy jowls a result of neck muscles which have been shortened from constantly looking down at the smartphone or similar device.
Amber Sutherland discussed this new "phone face woe" in the New York Post. According to Ms. Sutherland, some New Yorkers have shrugged over potential danger, choosing never fear about it. I agree with Amber. I'm not sure if it is a desire in my part to age gracefully and accept the face area God has given me or if it's the undeniable fact that I don't have the funds to do anything regarding it, but I try no worries about it either.
Possible remedies
If, however, you choose to fight nature, you will find things you can try. "The Fabulous Beauty Blog" explored some options. Suggestions included facelifts, chin filler injections, Botox, and liposuction. If those solutions are far too drastic, you could possibly consider simply holding your phone at shoulder level when reading or texting. I don't know if the will help your double chin, but if you do it consistently, you might actually tighten up those sagging triceps a little.